The technology community today is very different than what it was a decade ago. With more and more focus on shared learning today, we are driven by collaborative projects and open source contributions. We are fortunate to witness this firsthand while hosting events that bring together fellow technologists, data enthusiasts, developers, and engineers from across Delhi NCR through Atlan Community initiatives.

Last week we hosted the November edition of PyDelhi Meetup, a bi-weekly meetup in collaboration with PyDelhi — Python Delhi User Group (a volunteer-driven organization). Below is a glimpse of everything that happened at the meetup — you can also watch the recorded talks from the event and learn more.

The Event Roundup ⏰

REST in Peace with Hug by Tanay Tummalapalli, Atlan

As an API development framework, Hug is a micro-framework implemented in Python 3. It aims to make developing Python-driven APIs as simple as possible, and it contains as little code and integrations as required to make it fully functional. The talk covered the following:

  • Hug’s features
  • How we use the Hug framework at Atlan
  • Introduction to REST APIs: A RESTful API is an application program interface (API) that uses HTTP requests to GET, PUT, POST and DELETE data. Read more here.

You can access the slides from the talk here.

This was recorded as part of the community initiatives by SocialCops.

You can reach out to Tanay on Twitter. His Github profile is

Getting Started with Web Scraping in Python by Dheeraj

One of the important utilities of Python, web scraping refers to the usage of a program or algorithm to extract and process data from web pages in a useful form that can be imported, and further stored in databases. The session covers the following:

  • Basic Python 3 and pip installation
  • Understanding and using pip3
  • Using pip to install packages and using them in web scraping.
  • Analyzing a web page before scraping and understanding the legal boundaries of it.
This was recorded as part of the community initiatives by SocialCops.

You can reach out to Dheeraj on Twitter. His Github profile is

Learning Pip Environment from Scratch by Aaqa Ishtyaq

Pip is a package manager for Python that resolves, downloads, installs and uninstalls Python packages from Package Indexes (PyPi) or arbitrary URLs. Aaqa Ishtyaq talks more about the pip environment and other lower-level tools for managing Python packages like virtualenv.

This was recorded as part of the community initiatives by SocialCops.

You can reach out to Aaqa on Twitter. His Github profile is

This was followed by the Lightning Talks — short talks where people shared about their work, personal projects, tips, and tricks. This includes a project around managing a reading list from the internet based on Golang, automated email notifications for upcoming episodes of your favorite TV shows using REST API, and a talk about an IoT-based wheelchair that is operated through head movement.

What a wonderful way to spend our Saturday! Every time we host these events, we meet some amazing people, learn interesting concepts and discuss some ultra cool projects with fellow community members.

We are now gearing up for the next meetup — Delhi useR Meetup on 15th December, Saturday. Check out more details and register here.


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