We’re excited to announce that we published a free ebook about data collection!

Data has become fundamental in nearly every aspect of life, and all types of companies — from large technology companies to small rural nonprofits — are collecting data on their work. Surveys are an indispensable tool for data collection, but they are not simple to create. A poorly-designed survey will lead to useless data, wasting your time and money.

That’s why we’ve created our ebook, “The Ultimate Guide to Effective Data Collection”. This ebook is designed to help anyone design, write and conduct a survey. It includes an introduction on the importance of high quality data, plus 9 chapters about how to design your survey and collect data more effectively and in less time.

atlan data collection ebook

Read testimonials for the ebook and download it here!


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  1. Fatar Marowero Reply

    I am really enjoying reading your books. They are very relevant to the work that l do as Monitoring,Evaluation and Reporting Officer. Recently l was involved in Operations Research and your books on data collection and Cleaning were very useful to me as l really used them as reference books for myself and for the Enumerators whom l engaged for both data collection and capturing. Also the books are written using simplified English and think are very acommodative for someone whose first language is not English like myself though am good at the language personally Will continue enjoying your books.fa

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