Just like any ordinary weekday, weekends too are now bustling with energy at Atlan HQ. And no, we are not complaining at all! While we love spending our weekdays solving big problems, our weekends are dedicated to learning, sharing knowledge and engaging in insightful conversations with the community.

You will find people discussing some newly discovered concepts or scratching their heads on some hard-to-crack problems being thrown at them. Well, that’s what community is all about, right? Learning, growing, collaborating and sharing — all of this and more!

This weekend we hosted the PyData Delhi Meetup #25 at our office. Our team was super excited to host the meetup, even on a long lazy weekend! After all, it was our chance to host young developers and hear them talk about what our team loves the most — data science and all things data. (No brownie points for guessing 😉 )

This Saturday, our office was filled with over 40 young engineers and data enthusiasts from across Delhi NCR, all for the event that we hosted in collaboration with PyData Delhi. PyData Delhi is a community that brings together users and developers to discuss best practices, new approaches, and emerging technologies for data management, processing, analytics, and visualization.

The meetup was divided into three insightful sessions and saw a great enthusiasm from participants interested in solving Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) problems using programming and automation.

What just happened?

We kickstarted the event with a talk from Prakhar Srivastava on “Cracking Backprop in Julia”. Prakhar talked about neural networks and how machine learning works using Julia, a high-level dynamic programming language.

This was followed by a session on “Evolution of Audio and Speech Synthesis”  by Karan Dhingra. He shared the story of the evolution of audio and speech synthesis in his talk and shared insights on Google’s wavenet research paper, which allows a machine to understand general human-like voice from text. He is also maintaining an active implementation of the same.

Finally, we ended the day with a session by Vinayak Mehta from our team. His talk was about “Apache Airflow and a Workflow to Track Disease Outbreak in India”.  He shared useful insights on how we use Airflow to apply ETL in our data cleaning and enriching process. Read what Vinayak talked about and more on his blog: How to create a workflow in Apache Airflow to track disease outbreaks in India.

Tweet about it, or it never happened!

What a day! We had so much fun hosting the event with young developers and learning new things. Did you just experience FOMO while reading this? Don’t worry! We have a lot of exciting things coming up and we can’t wait to share them with you. Stay tuned!


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