Atlan is all about the humans of data. But ever wondered about the people behind the vision? Who are the humans of Atlan and what do they do?

To answer these questions and more, we’re starting off a series of blogs that will give you a sneak peek into life behind the scenes at Atlan.

We spoke to Gaurav Singh, Marketing Manager at Atlan. From designing campaigns to generating MQLs for our products and hosting sessions on personal branding for our team, Gaurav is our in-house champion for all things marketing.

Watch him talk about our team, our culture and his life at Atlan. Check out the video here.

Humans of Atlan: Gaurav Singh, Marketing Manager

Don’t want to watch the video and looking for a transcript? We’ve got you covered! Read the transcript of the video below.

Interview Transcript

Hi! My name is Gaurav Singh. I work in the Growth and Marketing Team at Atlan.

What does your day-to-day job look like at Atlan?

My day-to-day job involves looking at a bunch of metrics, a bunch of activities and initiatives that contribute directly to the growth of the company—it’s very closely linked to marketing.

What is the kind of work you do at Atlan?

Over the last three years, I’ve had the opportunity of working on a variety of things in the marketing funnel. Right from lead generation to lead nurturing and basically looking after a ton of marketing campaigns, executing campaigns, executing email outreach campaigns. It’s hard to define it when I’m asked to!

What do you really like about the Growth and Marketing Team at Atlan?

What I really like about the Growth and Marketing Team here at Atlan is that when we say growth we really mean growth. And it means going out there, understanding the user, running experiments, making sure that a lead or someone who’s interacting with any of our online properties gets converted. The Growth and Marketing Team here has the mandate that we need to build a marketing funnel that contributes directly to the company’s sales and the company’s growth.

What are some of the exciting things you are working on at Atlan?

Talking about some of the exciting things that we are up to—we’re always experimenting… figuring out what are the best pieces of content that generates leads, what are the best marketing techniques we can employ to get closer to our users and understand them better.

Who is Gaurav outside of work?

Outside of work, I do a ton of things, primarily theatre. I think my theatre background and my general background with creative arts help me bring a lot of fresh energy and ideas to my growth marketing stint at Atlan.

Why someone should join Atlan?

I think there are two reasons that I can think of clearly. One is the culture itself. It’s a great team culture here. We are very diverse people coming together to solve one problem. An engineer will approach a problem very differently and a designer will approach a problem very differently, a marketer will approach a problem very differently.

What’s great is that at Atlan there are four or five of us, very diverse people that are collaborating together to solve the problem… and that’s really interesting. I think the independence to grow as well as find your own voice and path here at Atlan is something that’s really excited me.

I’m able to decide what it is that I want to grow and how it is that I want to grow here at Atlan. And that sort of decision-making… to be a part of that decision-making is really, really helpful.

And I think the other reason why I knew I wanted to join Atlan is the problem we’re solving. I mean, you’re building something that’s never been built before.

We’re trying to build a home for data teams around the world, and that’s as exciting a problem as it can be! Because the world of data is very messy and if you’re able to scratch the surface and make some impact on it, I’d love to be a part of the team that does that.

End of transcript

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