This weekend we hosted over 20 young and experienced developers from across Delhi NCR at Atlan HQ. As part of Google’s Developer Student Club, the Google Cloud Study Jam (a 3-hour community-run study group) was organized by Sanjot Singh. The agenda of this study jam was to learn the fundaments of Google Cloud Platform, how to run containers on it, and how to use the platform for data engineering.

With a vision to nurture future developers, facilitate collaboration and increase knowledge sharing within the tech communities, we are hosting community-run meetups at Atlan HQ. These meetups have brought together people of varying interests — data scientists, engineers, designers and mobile & web developers — to come together, learn and collaborate.

Google Cloud Study Jam

Designed for the beginners, these study jams are a perfect way to take some hands-on training and get started on Google Cloud Platform. Sanjot Singh kickstarted the day with an introduction to Google Cloud Platform, its infrastructure, and Google Cloud Essentials.

Three Essential Labs on Qwiklabs

The next quest was the completion of three essential labs through Qwiklabs, a learning platform to get hands-on experience of Google Cloud. The participants completed the following three labs:

Lab 1: Creating a Virtual Machine
Lab 2: Provision Services with Cloud Launcher
Lab 3: Creating a Persistent Disk

Google Cloud Study Jam

All the participants received official Google training worth more than $70 value and access to series of labs at home to get Google-hosted badges for their online profile! Isn’t that a great incentive? But that’s not all. 🙂

Introduction to Docker Technology and Kubernetes

Where is the bonus chance to earn more of those badges and flaunt them? Here is one!

Kashish Handa introduced the participants to Docker Technology, Kubernetes and shared resources to earn more of those online badges. Docker is a computer program that performs operating-system-level virtualization also known as containerization. The containerized applications are then deployed, automated and scaled using Kubernetes. The highlight of the session was most definitely The Illustrated Children’s Guide to Kubernetes.

Google Cloud Study Jam

And that’s what we did on Sunday! It was great how these meetups are a way to expand access to world-class technology for the larger community. We are so thankful for everyone who was part of the meetup for making it a great success. 🙂

Stay tuned as we host more exciting meetups at Atlan HQ! Check what we did last weekend here.


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